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We are a professional brand photography and videography company with a talent pool of model if required.

We specialise in professional studio for photography and videography and are also experienced with on location photography and videography to capture your garments or products to market them effectively to your customer/client base as a company.

We have a range of models available, whatever the fashion line, brand or commercial product we can assist to bring it to life.

To enquire please contact us using the contact form and we will call you for a friendly, non obligation chat about what we can do to help you.

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Our Resources


We have years of knowledge in the media required to drive sales

Knowledge that will help you use photography, video and multi-media assets for your publicity, social media, product catalogues, website and ....
We take the hassle out of pulling it together with an in house Artistic Director who will guide you with vision and attention to detail to sell your merchandise or product.
We have Cost effective approaches and affordable prices according to your budget.

We deliver on time, to your specified brief and within your budget.

We help your imagery remain true to your brand and your values.
We help you deliver a return on investment from great advertising.
Finally we help you stand out from the crowd and your competitors.

We use the very latest techniques with photography, videography and website design.

Editing resources to give you product the pop and including 360 degree photos and video.

We have various stylised backdrop, studio and location and ability to source the correct location. We have our own source of eclectic models male, female young and old, beautiful and characterful.
We have easy and very diverse access to crew and MUA for bigger and bespoke projects.


Social Media Content and Organisation.

Helping to generate positive return on your investment!
Social media management is a necessity for businesses with over 90% of adults using at least one social media site regularly everyday, it’s a terrific medium to learn more about your audience their demographics and of course to expand your commercial audience and customers/clients and find potential new customers and introduce them into your range and customer database.

This allows your loyal customers to endorse you and your customers, who don’t stand to gain by promoting your products and services, recommend you and your business to their online communities of friends and colleagues essentially free advertising.
We can help you manage and control the spin and connection from business to client.

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Tips and Ideas to make your Product and Merchandise come to Life


Use Natural Light!

Natural light or natural light created in a studio makes your item literally bath in light and show its contours, shape and substance. This is a trick not many photographers can pull off only seasoned photographers.
As is the ability to create depth of field giving the product or person the ability to have that 3d affect or cinematic quality.

Show the Real Size of Your Products

Show the product against a person or item laid out nicely in context to show its true shape and size for the consumer. Again this takes skill to proportion and clean and clear artistic direction. Many photographers cannot achieve this due to not working with an Artistic Director as we do.

Catalogue Products in Use and in their Setting

Have the photograph demonstrate the product in use with a person or setting and make it a desirable commodity and easy to use product for the consumer. We have a myriad of models and settings to accomplish this and a vast experience with which to do it.

Show Brand or Product Uniqueness

Show details, features, colour and texture. Showing what unique features and blowing this up can illustrate to the customer why they should buy that specific product. This takes skill to angle, light and capture the right focal point. We are expert at this and can achieve this easily with our knowledge in how to create this.

The Angles are so Important

Taking the products from every angle to illustrate the dimensions and selling benefits from every side. This again takes the cinematographic approach to align position and create unique images and this is easily achievable with our Director of photography photographers.

Bring it to life with a Short Instructional Video

Breathing life into a clean instruction, short video to allow the customer, to feel the user benefits. We have film makers and editorial crew at our fingertips to bring your story to life as well as in-house script writers and story boarders.

Websites that Define your Message and Product for Demographic Sales

Have a useable and manageable site that you can manipulate and update and that says you as a company, that you can manipulate to your use and adaptable to update with new products and news. Again with 15 years experience in building websites that deliver and fully SEO search engine optimised to gain your customers attention with great rankings.