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New campaigns in everyday and new faces needed to be a catalogue model you will need to have the right look and often times a unique or rateable look for commercial catalogue work.
Your demographics need to match that of the consumer and their relatatibilty to you as the model.
You can be a fuller figured model average demographics in the UK is size 14.
A petite model
A fitness model key here is well defined or and healthy look and feel to you.
A brand model with keen, definite and classical looks, jawline, eyes and hair whether male or female.
Teen modelling and young adults is a key market with disposable incomes on fashion
A mature model relating to core brand identity in society a lot of mature consumers have money to spend on goods and clothing.
Parts modelling, such as hair, eyes, skin, teeth or legs, feet or hands.
So if you fit into any of these modelling categories please apply here so we can assess you for work and assignments?

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